ATTENTION: Health Coaches, Practitioners, and Fitness Professionals— Fed up with trying to market yourself, working long 1:1 hours, and constantly chasing clients month after month?  
Save Dozens Of Hours Of Non-Paid Content Creation Time, Skip Over Second Guessing If Your Program Is Any Good And Instead Start Working With Clients Almost Immediately.
… Instantly add a proven 12-week done-for-you signature program that you can brand as your own, so you can help dozens of clients with weight loss, blood sugar regulation, and hormone balance.
Dear passionate and knowledgeable professional,

Working with clients on a 1:1 basis might have been what you were taught in school, and what you see everyone else is doing. Especially if you're just starting your career OR if you’re a licensed health professional with too many regulations.  

But there’s a better way to build your business, work with clients, and make a name for yourself.  

There’s a new way of building a health and wellness business.  

The internet and social media have changed the game for us -- it's given us the opportunity to leverage our time and grow a business faster than ever before with the right systems & programs in place. 

It’s true that after graduating as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, I wasn’t prepared for all the hours I’d have to put into market my practice. Plus, all the unpaid hours I’d have to dedicate to create personalized protocols for my clients (the few I did manage to get).  

I'll never forget my first month after I opened my nutrition practice in 2007. I was excited to start helping people and sharing everything I learned in school. I did the things you're supposed to do when starting a business—I rented an office, had a beautiful website, and got my business cards. And a month later… I had zero clients to show for it. (No joke!) 

I eventually got clients, but I was still going into debt each month. I borrowed money from family to keep my practice running while I tried to figure it out. But that day never came.  

I was frustrated, disappointed, and confused. I couldn’t wrap my head around it. I went to school, got the letters after my name yet clients were so hard to come by. I eventually had to terminate my clinic lease and go back to the gym I used to work at as a personal trainer.  
What I Discovered From My Failed Practice ...
Working at a commercial gym is where I finally figured out.
It was about having the right systems in place, so I could get my name out there and help dozens of people at one time without sacrificing the quality of service (or the quality of my life).
  •  I didn’t have to ONLY sell single sessions. 
  •  Clients thought they had unique symptoms, but all my clients needed to integrate the same foundational habits before I could personalize a plan for them.
  •  Offering a group program actually increased client compliance and success and my level of happiness (and my bank account without the 80 hour work week.)
  •  Running a branded program gave my clients something to talk about and refer to when spreading the word about their progress
  •  Clients sought me out because they knew exactly what I could help them with.
Running a signature program in my practice was a game-changer. The majority of health professionals are still using a broken business model. They’re only seeing clients on a 1:1 basis and selling single or low-cost sessions. 

BUT think... (5 years down the road) how can you keep up with long hours to ensure you’re making the same monthly income. Let alone have the time to find new clients constantly.  

What happens when you need to take a sick day or a vacation? Does your business continue to bring in revenue, or does your business stop the second you take a break? 
Stop Working So Hard & Trying To Do Everything - Without Getting The Results You Desire. 
What if, instead of following the old school business model that tells you that you need a website, business cards and to sell single or low-cost sessions -- you leverage your time by using a signature program to build your practice.  

So you can work with dozens (or even hundreds) of clients at a time and benefit from a consistent & predictable monthly income. And the best don’t have to spend hours writing content that you aren’t sure will get clients results and work yourself to a burnt-out-status.  
You can build a thriving practice with a done-for-you signature program that allows you to:
  •  Run the program offline, online or a combination of both 
  •  Use the program to work with clients via a 1:1 service package and run it as a group program 
  •  Create a growing, supportive, and engaged community that features you as the “go-to” expert
  •  Give the opportunity for clients to work with you, who may not be able to afford consistent 1:1 services
  •  Reduce your 1:1 hours and your overall client facing hours so you have more time to work on your business 
 For Health Coaches, Practitioners, and Fit Pro’s Who Want To Specialize In Weight Loss, Blood Sugar Regulation And Hormone Balance.
...This DFY program is literally built to plug and play into your business 
(even if you don’t have a website or an email list).. 

It includes step-by-step program content for you to deliver to your clients and marketing components so you can take the path of least resistance and start working with clients within days. 
More Designations Won’t Flood Clients Through Your Door...
I know what it feels like to NOT live up to your own expectations of what you thought business would be like. Especially when the driving force to go to school was not to open up a business but instead, to help people.

But here's what school neglected to teach us...  

It's not enough to have letters after your name or the number of certification courses listed on your About Me page.  

The whole idea of “if you build it, they will come.” is dead.  

Or if you’re stuck relying on referrals you know there’s no predictability to your income, because it’s based on the hope that they’ll remember you. 

Growing a thriving practice requires a signature program, structure and repeatable marketing systems.  
  •  Wasting hundreds of hours trying to build your own website and marketing your practice
  •  Working unpaid hours of 1:1 discovery sessions to keep turning prospects into paying clients
  •  Working back-to-back appointments all day without a break
  •  Taking work home to finish sessions notes and follow-up with clients 
  •  Using spare time to figure out a way to get new clients
I was searching for a way to get my name out there, see clients, make money without having to work 24/7. 
There’s A Quicker And Easier Way You Can Transform Hundreds Of Lives While Cutting Your Work Hours In Half
You don’t have to go through years of figuring it out like I did. Whatever situation you're in, your reality can be different.

My mistakes are your shortcuts, and you should use them so you can turn that amazing vision you once had (of saving the world one client at a time) into a reality.   

This DFY 12-week signature program was developed to be incredibly easy, flexible, and automated so you can: 
  •  Easily market yourself, get your name out there, and keep your name at the top of client’s minds   
  •  Customize the program to include your business branding, so they know you’re the genius behind the program
  •  Feel confident that you are using a proven program that fits in with your coaching philosophy 
Done-For-You Marketing Templates That Ease Your Anxiety Of Tech, Content Creation, and Selling.
Included in the program is a proven marketing system that builds the excitement for your clients before you launch. We'll be giving you a blueprint to let you know how to implement these systems even if you never created a marketing system before. 

No need to spend hours to learn or invest another dime on marketing trends and tactics hoping it will work. The marketing content has been tested -- the emails, social media posts, and sales page are done for you, so you can be up and running quickly. 
Just Follow The Step-by-Step Implementation Instructions So You Can Quickly Implement This Program. 
  •  How it will feel to go to sleep at night knowing that you now have a complete and proven system to generate a predictable monthly income
  •  Waking up and not having your mind race with all the “to-do” items for your business
  •  What you’ll do with your free time when you don’t have to spend hours researching and creating individualized programs 
  •  The feeling of taking a vacation or a sick-day without losing income
  •  The freedom to control your calendar and not miss important moments in your kid’s lives
  •  Being able to work on your business, so it’s going somewhere you feel good about every day
Make yourself a magnet for dream clients, rather than chasing them. The automated systems and marketing templates will continue to grow your business, just like the thousands of health entrepreneurs I’ve coached.
Why Should You Trust Me?
Because I’ve been where you are. Aside from being a board certified registered holistic nutritionist, I used a signature program in my full-time nutrition practice for 7 years. 

I understand the pains of starting up a practice and racking up debt. Because I've suffered through the tiring hours and many failures.  

Through my mistakes and failures, I discovered that: 
  •  1:1 sessions were limiting me
  •  Having a signature program (proven to work and easily customizable) was all I needed to transform hundreds of lives 
  •  A signature program drew people to me and gave people something to keep me at the top of their minds
I now share my systems and mentor thousands of health entrepreneurs. I help them build thriving practices so that they can experience the fruits of their labour. I've also written weight loss programs for some of the most influential fitness brands and co-created online programs with them. I feel a deep need and personal responsibility to share my secrets to success with you.

But I’m not the creator of this high fat, low carb 12-week done-for-you program -- Laura Wood is. When I saw the results she was getting in her business and with her clients, I knew that we had to team up and turn her successful signature program into a done-for-you program so that you could have similar success.
Laura Amber Wood, BSCH, RHN Nutritionist
Hi, I'm Laura. I created the Lavish Method because I got so sick of weight loss & wellness being all about kale salads with no mention of wine & chocolate.

My mission is simple and it's something that I am wholeheartedly passionate about.  

I teach women who just want to lose weight and cut through the B.S. a simple way of eating that works. 

Let me back up a bit... 

When I started my career in holistic nutrition I thought that I NEEDED to have a plant-based almost vegan diet to be seen as credible and to be healthy. So I ate that way. 

I was hungry ALL THE TIME. I was still fat and tried to use willpower to avoid the foods I knew were bad for me (like wine and chocolate). 

I was eating 'healthy' food all the time, and it didn't work. Maybe you can relate? 
That's when I made a major shift and started to implement the food principles I know teach in The Lavish Method. And let me tell you… my body responded quickly. And so I knew this was going to be my area of speciality. 

Since then I’ve built my brand -- The Lavish Method and have used this 12-week program to work with hundreds of clients from the comfort of my home.  
Finally! A Done-For-You Program That's Adaptable For Your Niche. 
The done-for-you program is adaptable to help your clients in a variety of situations like:
  •  Weight-loss
  •  Hormone Imbalance
  •  Blood sugar regulation 
  •  Perimenopausal and menopause relief
  •  Inflammation
  •  Candida support
  •  Energy regulation 
Or all of the above.
Here’s What The Comprehensive Program Includes:
This is not another fad diet you’ll be giving your clients. It’s a complete step-by-step high fat, low carb signature program that will help your clients to create lasting lifestyle changes so they can lose weight, balance their blood sugar and hormones. 
12-Week Program Content & Handouts (valued at $1,865)
This includes weekly teaching transcripts for audio/video or in-person groups so you feel 100% confident teaching the program materials. The program content is provided in Microsoft Word and PDF. You can edit as needed or use as completely as is. 
12-Week Program Delivery Emails (valued at $1,625)
This includes 13 written-for-you client program delivery emails that guide the client through the program. They are provided in Microsoft Word so you can modify them as needed. Then all you need to do is schedule them into your email marketing platform and send as needed. 
9 x 1-Week High-Fat, Low Carb Meal Plans & Recipes ($780)
This includes 3 weeks of regular high fat low carbs meal plans, 3 weeks of egg and nut-free high fat low carbs meal plans and 3 weeks of vegetarian high fat low carbs meal plans. The complete macronutrient breakdowns are included (you can easily not include them if desired). RECIPES AND MEAL PLANS ARE NOT GLUTEN AND DAIRY FREE. GLUTEN IS VERY LIMITED (RYE IS THE ONLY GLUTEN CONTAINING ITEM RECOMMEND). FULL-FAT DAIRY IS RECOMMENDED ONLY IF TOLERATED AND BUTTER/GHEE IS USED IN RECIPES. The meal plans and recipes are provided in PDF format only. *Nut-free versions of the meal plans and recipes are also provided.  
Social Media Promotional Content (valued at $790)
This includes 6 ‘evergreen’ style social media posts that you can use to continuously promote registration for your program. You’ll get 2 program graphics, 2 tip graphics and 2 fun fact graphics that can be used with any niche ALL sized for Facebook, Instagram and Instagram Stories. 
Practitioner Implementation & Pricing Guide ($197)
This includes the step-by-step directions walking you through how to layout and setup your 12-week High Fat, Low Carb signature program (just follow this for quick implementation) so you know what emails to send when and how to teach the program. We’ve also provided a reference pricing guide that gives you different fee options based on your program delivery methods. 
NOW ONLY $297/mo CAD
Have Clients With Special Considerations?
We know your clients don't have cookie-cutter problems. If you have clients who are vegetarian or have a sensitivity to nuts or eggs, we have nut-free, egg-free and vegetarian options, too.
 We weren’t kidding when we said it's done-for-you!
No Copyright, Royalties, or Monthly Subscription Fees
You're not bound to any other fees. Once you have this program, it's yours. 

You can continuously launch this program, online or offline or a combination of both as much as you want year after year and all the profits are yours to keep.
Here’s what some of Laura’s Lavish Method client’s have said about the program… 
After having three babies in three years I was overweight, low on energy and living in a constant state of baby brain. I tried everything to feel like me again. I ate 'healthy' and tried to exercise but nothing seemed to work. After talking to Laura about her Lavish program I knew that her method was different. She taught me about the science behind why my brain was foggy and why I couldn't lose the weight. She made it easy to get started with meal plans and food lists and kept me motivated through the whole process. I've lost over 30 lbs in 6 months and the only thing I've done is change the way I fuel my body.

- - Becky W.
“I know that the public perception of good health is weight .... thanks to Laura I've lost 35 pounds and counting, forget about the weight, I'm eating better and feeling better and not feeling cheated, something that never happened before.I am so happy with Laura's support and guidance, suggestions and recipes and am truly am a better person (physically anyway) thanks to Laura”

-- Randy H. 57
As a person who has been on every diet imaginable, and lost & gained the weight over & over, I couldn't be happier since starting the Lavish Method. I now understand it's not all about counting calories or starving and eliminating foods we love. Laura educates her clients that "each of us is different" so one diet does not fit all. I'm so excited at the result I am achieving without ever being hungry & no more of those sugar cravings. I'm looking forward to seeing what the "new & improved me" will look like! 

-- Kathy G. 
 You don't have to create anything from scratch. 
We've put in the hours, done the research, tested the program, and given you the exact steps to follow so that you can confidently use this program to get your clients the results they desire.

All you have to do is be there to support them through their journey and continue putting yourself out there.

However, if you want to create a comprehensive program from scratch, it would cost you: 
  •  Designed meal plans - $645
  •  Pre-Designed recipes with calculated calories & macros - $780
  •  12 Pre-written video transcripts for weekly webinars, audio, or even facebook live coaching sessions - $1,865
  •  13 ready-to-be copy and paste program delivery emails - $1,625
  •  6 Facebook, Instagram and Instagram Story optimized graphics and content - $790
TOTAL VALUE - $5,705
Quite the price tag! 

Don't forget to factor in your valuable time and energy. Calculating your hourly rate and organizing what's in your head to plan each step of the way for your client WILL make the cost skyrocket beyond the paper value. 

You're the face of your practice. People come to you for advice and your opinions. Without any free time to market and nurture your business, it gets stuck and you feel like you're running on a hamster wheel going nowhere.  
3 Bonuses That Take The Pressure Off You To Market & Sell The Program:
Everything we've included is to achieve one goal… the speed of implementation.
The health professionals who are winning are taking massive imperfection action. All the templates we’ve included are to help remove the uncomfortable feeling of selling. Instead, follow the step-by-step marketing system that’s perfect for running the signature program online, offline or a combination of both.
BONUS # 1: 
Adaptable Written-for-you Sales Page (valued at $1997)
We've taken a proven converting sales page design and copy that sells and made a template for you. All you have to do is fill in a couple of areas to personalize and brand it as your own OR adapt it to any specialty you want in the High-Fat, Low-Carb niche to perform in. 
BONUS # 2: 
8 Written-For-You High Converting Emails (valued at $1,200)
You'll be ready with pre-written launch sales emails. Just edit to fit your unique voice, personalize them for your own brand and then schedule them to be delivered. Once you set it, you can forget it and just watch the registrations come in. 
BONUS # 3: 
Access to the Take Your Health Practice Online Facebook Group (valued at $997)
The Take Your Health Practice Online Facebook group is a peer-supported community where you can ask any and all business-related questions and get almost instant feedback. It's a confidential community to ask client related questions and get the support you need so you can grow your business.
If you were to create this entire program from scratch including the bonuses, it would cost well over $10,000 (add up all of the hours you’d spend creating the content). Then add in all of the hours you'd spend second-guessing yourself and trying to make the program perfect… 6 months (or more) later you'd be ready to launch.  
NOW ONLY $297/mo CAD
DFY 5-Day Challenge Email List Building Package (valued at $297)
It’s no secret that the ongoing success of your business is partially reliant on the size and quality of your email list. That’s why we’re gifting you with this done-for-you bonus when you invest in full so you can have a lead magnet growing your email list 24/7.  
Here’s what’s included: 
  •  5-Day Challenge opt-in and thank you page template
  •  5-Day Challenge subscriber content (provided in professionally designed PDF and customizable Microsoft Word format) 
  •  6 written-for-you daily challenge delivery emails (set it and forget it)
  •  Pre-written daily video transcripts (no more “idea blocks”)
  •  5 days worth of recipes (stand out with graphically designed recipes in PDF format)
  •  6 social media graphics optimized for Facebook, Instagram and Instagram Stories (save time and money on a graphic designer)
Satisfaction Guarantee
Having a signature program is a game-changer for your business. I am confident this 12-week done-for-you signature program will help you grow your business, especially because you have the flexibility to tailor it your niche (weight loss, blood sugar regulation and/or hormone balance). 

If after you completely implement the program and run at least 5 clients through it and you still don’t feel that it’s the right signature program for you, you’ll be refunded 100% of your investment.  
Good Decisions Don’t Come Without Feeling Uncomfortable
How many more years are you going to waste trying to figure it all out on your own? Stop selling time and shift away from the pay-as-you-go model. If you’re feeling uncomfortable right now. Good. It means this is the push your business needs so it doesn’t become stagnant.

The successful health experts in this industry are not getting more certifications, reading more about what they already know and consuming more free content. They are investing in their businesses with proven programs and taking imperfect action. This 12-week signature program is ALL you need to grow a profitable business.   
Still Have Questions? Here Are Some Answers:  
What type of health and wellness professionals can use this program? 
Nutritionists, Registered Dietitians, Health Coaches, Fitness Professionals, Naturopathic Doctors, Registered Nurses, Personal Trainers, Life Coaches, Cancer Coaches & Energy Healers. 

You need to be able to provide recommendations on food, nutrition and lifestyle. If providing macronutrient-based meal plans is outside your scope of practice then don’t include them and only use the weekly education handouts and food list.
Do I need any other special online technology or website to offer this program?
No, you don't. You can run the entire program offline and use your personal email to send the program emails and deliver the program content. You can accept payment via Paypal. However, if you'd like to run the program online then yes, you'll need additional technology platforms and software to effectively run it. The specific platforms you'll need will vary based on how you want to sell and deliver the program. This is a question you can get support with inside the Take Your Health Practice Online FB group.
Can I edit the PDF documents in the program?
Yes and No. Yes, you can modify any of the program content that we've designed and provided in PDF format. However, the meal plans and recipes are from a company called That Clean Life. According to their terms and conditions, we are not able to modify the meal plan and recipe content included in the PDF's.
Is This A Ketogenic Program?
No. This is a high fat, low carb program -- there are specific macronutrient recommendations for how to include carbs. 
Can I Copy The Content Exactly? 
Yes. Everything included in this program is 100% copyright free (including the meal plans and recipes as long as they stay in the format provided). You will want to modify the content to reflect your own brand, personality and sales offer. 
Do I Need To Modify Or Change Anything? 
Only if you want to. It’s not necessary to modify any of the content but you are welcome to if you’d like to. 
How Quickly Do Practitioners Typically See A Return On Investment? 
This is a hard one to answer because it all depends on where you are starting from. If you have an existing business, community and email list then you’re likely to see a return as soon as you promote it -- all you need is 1 or 2 clients and the investment is paid off. If you are starting from scratch it might take you 3 or 4 clients to get a return. It all depends on your starting point and how much you charge. 
Do I need Video\Audio Equipment?
No. There are a couple of different ways you can deliver the program. One of them is via recorded video but this isn’t necessary. You can deliver the program live, in-person, via Facebook LIVE, webinar or pre-record the lessons and send audio links. We give you the implementation instructions inside The Implementation Guide. 
What if I Have Questions...Do You Offer Ongoing Support?
Oh, you will have questions. That's a guarantee. You can ask all of your questions inside the peer-supported Take Your Health Practice Online Facebook group. There are thousands of health experts in that group who are running successful signature programs.
I Don’t Have An Email List… Will This System Still Generate Profit For Me?
Yes. If you choose to invest in full then you’ll get instant access to the 5-Day Challenge done-for-you lead magnet. That will give you an easy way to quickly grow an email list. 
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